Are you exploring how VR and AR can serve as a vehicle to deliver more engaging customer experiences?

Let us help you create/refine your VR Strategy, set KPIs, and test proof of concepts so that your VR/AR offering is engaging, interactive and visceral.

Our experts have recognized that a focus on VR onboarding, one that hooks the customer from the start, is intrinsic to both a successful VR interaction and a cost effective build.

KLI’s advises teams to include onboarding that is:

  • Virtual Environment agnostic
  • Industry agnostic
  • Focused
  • Valuable
  • Doable

If you fail to get VR right, you risk losing people immediately and wasting money.


We’ve found that the first few minutes of a VR experience can entice users to delve deeper or make them lose interest completely. Watch our VR webinar to see Rick, Levi, and Eugene explore how to define the virtual relationship early and make your users fall in love at first sight.

Having the DT(V)R Talk: Making Sure Your Users Fall In Love