White Papers

We talk to 30+ companies on any given day. We’ve put together a few
white papers to highlight some of the bigger questions in the UX industry.

Biometrics: An Overview

The Future is Here – You Can Talk to Your Machines and They Listen

10 Questions to Ask a Prospective Usability Partner

Elements for an Actionable Customer Journey Map

Pros & Cons of Qualitative and Quantitative in UX Research

5 Best Practices From Public Websites to Improve Your Intranet Experience

8 PRO TIPS: Get More Out Of Personas

Competitive Mobile Rankings

Every 6 months the Key Lime team creates syndicated reports that are available for sale to interested parties. These industry reports take into consideration not only what features a mobile app or site have, but how important said features are and which one is better from a usability perspective.

Auto Insurance Best Mobile Experiences

2. State Farm

*As of 12/06/2019

Banking Best Mobile Experiences

2. Chase
3. Wells Fargo

*As of 10/31/2019

Credit Card Mobile Experiences

2. Bank of America
3. Wells Fargo

*As of 02/14/2020

Home Owners Best Mobile Experiences

2. State Farm
3. Allstate

*As of 09/30/2019

Cruise Best Mobile Site Satisfaction

1. Norwegian
2. Disney
3. Royal Caribbean

*As of 01/07/2019

Cruise Competitive Report

In these annual benchmark industry reports, KLI uses a multi-faceted research approach combining: quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral data. Hundreds of participants complete a series of common tasks on each cruise line website. Statistical analysis of this data is employed to rank sites and uncover the top drivers of loyalty and site satisfaction.

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